Maxwelton’s Egerton

Maxwelton’s Crystal Rose/ Ben-Hur/ Maxwelton’s Robertson/Maxwelton’s Egerton

Maxwelton’s Egerton : 2016 Gelding By Maxwelton out of FPH Just Rosey

We call him Marley. He is a big bodied solid athletic horse. He should excel in a discipline of your choice. He was started as a long 4 year old. He walks trots and canters on the longe line. He ground drives in long lines, and thoroughly enjoys pulling the cart. He ponies the youngsters and you can throw a rope from him. Under saddle , walk trot and canter both directions with lead changes. We have started him over fences

December 3, 2021

Today we put Marley as well call him through his first gymnastic grid. The video shows each pass through the grid as he was finding his way. We were pleased with his first attempt . He has quite a jump in him making it difficult for the rider to stay with him at times. The first few attempts were rather large . He enjoyed his workout and retired to his stall happy.

The Nov 5 2021 is the days last ride he had a relaxing trail ride.