Maxwelton’s Ben-Hur

Nov 5 2021

2016 C.W. Gelding 15.3hh

Ben is out of one of our original broodmares FPH Jenna By Jumars out of Niagara. Ben’s Sire is Bonheur, a dressage horse from the Hanovarian Stud book.

Ben started in training as a long 4 year old. Walk trot canter on the longe line. Then to long lining., Diving Poles and cart work. The ground work was done alternately with riding. This agile compact horse is quick and efficient over jumps and quiet on the trails.

The following video taken Friday Nov 5 2021 began with a half hour trail ride at a walk then as per the video several circles in both directions at the three basic gaits. At the end of the video he was groomed and returned to his buddies in the pasture. PS the rider is 6″5″

December 16 2021

Two weeks of sporadic sessions . Today we began with the completed gymnastic and added more fences. We understand Mark Todd’s predicament being so tall riding a powerful package. Occasionally the rider takes the rail with his foot. Ben seemed to sense this and rarely put the rider too close to the fence. We did some adjustment on the rider position on Friday morning. The ride on Bob was smoother. Nare-the-less Ben is a keen horse enjoying the fun. We used the radio this morning , the sound wasn’t loud enough. My apologies.

December 3 2021

Today was Ben’s first attempt at gymnastics. He is a powerful horse in a small package. Lots of spring in his step and quick and careful with his feet. He enjoyed his workout ears up and scoping out the next obstacle. This video shows him navigating the grid with the poles on the ground . We then raised them one at a time. We took it slow not to over face him. The rider did his best to stay with him as the rhythm improved. at the end of the lesson we reversed the pattern for the other rein and he went quietly through the gymnastic. We ended on a good note.