A week in Review (Blog)

Jan 30 2022

Winter is slowly working towards spring. Our routine is in full swing . The older geldings are flatted every day and the younger ones are worked alternately on different days. We’ve found that short sessions seem to be the most productive. The subjects are not exhausted going back to their stall s or outside pens and are happy to participate in the next session. The horse is truly remarkable they don’t forget their lessons good or bad. Therefore the reason for short lessons ending each time on a plesaant note. The video this week is a short session of Maxwelton’s Traveling Jack. He is ready to be backed now. We need a small person .

January 22 2022

It’s been a cold week in Northeastern Nova Scotia. there is nothing like snow and sunshine. I know there are a lot that hate it, but its great for skiing and the horses enjoy it. Monday the older geldings had a workout on the trails and we captured Bob in the ring making first track in the new snowfall. We then had rain which during the middle of the week made footing really treacherous a light snowfall Thursday brought back better footing and we were able to do a requested video of our long yearling Maxwelton’s Sirius Endeavour. We call him Ernie in the stable.

January 17 2022

So December is a wrap, Christmas break is over and back to the conditioning at hand. The horses have had some R&R downtime with the first week of January starting with lunging and long lining. Mother nature delivered a northeaster on Saturday and Sunday that pretty much locked us in our farmsteads. Sunday was devoted to digging out. Monday January 17 the geldings started their day on the trail in the fresh snow. Maxwelton’s Robertson being the last to be worked , we just couldn’t resist making fresh tracks in the outdoor arena. He wanted to play and roll so if you watch the video you can see a few hops. We were dressed for farm work so our apologies., Not quite the Yellowstone look but close. The opportunity presented itself and I ran for the camera. A couple of trips around the arena to blaze a trail then the video was taken. As its Nova Scotia it started to rain later in the day.

December 18 2021

Well its been quite a 2 weeks since I posted last. We had snow storms which I thought we could get in a sleigh ride , but alas a rain storm came and took it away. I was likely the only one disappointed. The horses were worked sporadically because of mother nature and some non-horsey events. Never the less, Christmas is coming. I enjoy the music, so with paint brushes in hand the jumps got a refresh, the windows washed and tack room painted , but still an ongoing battle with the cobwebs and some things I just can’t fix for the time being. We cranked up the the radio which plays nonstop Christmas music as well as a Celtic cd of Christmas music. The 5 year olds jumped well . The rider is green but is improving leaps and bounds. He does his best to be soft on the mouth. Ben is quick and full of energy and Bob tends to get a little lazy but all in all they were troopers. The videos are under their respective for sale tabs. Fun plans for next week. Nothing like a horse for Christmas. Drop us a line we’d be pleased to show them. have a great week.

December 3, 2021

Today came torrential rain. Maxwelton’s Robertson was first up this morning. He began his morning with a hack through the short trail to warm up. Un-be-knownst to them before they left would they be caught in really heavy downpour. To say the least they came back soaking wet. In the meantime the the gymnastic was set up. Last weekend I watched the Practical Horseman sponsored clinic with Anne Kursinski. A really good video for starting and schooling horses over fences. We took her Day 1 and applied it to what we are doing. Today we started with the poles on the ground with one stride in between. They are to halt square beyond the last fence in a straight line. To teach obedience and straightness. The horses hadn’t done this exercise before this morning. The horses willingly navigated their way through it with the riding being apassenger. With each cycle through the grid there was improvement. When each horse completed the grid reasonable well we stopped the exercise and cooled them out. There were a few rails, but no stops or refusals. They all seemed to enjoy themselves including the rider. A great way to end the week. This is Maxwelton’s Robertson below. You’ll find videos of Maxwelton’s Egerton and Ben-Hur on their pages.

Well pre-winter is in full swing, the local radio station is playing Christmas Carols non stop and we had a dusting of snow one morning just to get us in the mood. It was short lived as the end of the week saw lots and lots of rain. So the training continues inside with a few trail rides. All the pupils were well behaved. This week’s video is of Maxwelton’s Travelling Jack and his stable mate Maxwelton’s Sirius Endeavour having some free time and a good stretch inside.

Nov 12, 2021

We had some fun with Maxwelton’s Travelling Jack he was worked inside with long-lines Mon-Wed and Thursday Morning we went outside with the poles and belly band sleigh bells for a little exercise. So I think winter is just around the corner as the northeast wind was blowing off the harbour it was nippy and the horse was frisky. The driver got his exercise following Jack in and around the trees , try not to laugh as I did when I played it back and watched the driver instead of the horse. Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

November 8 2021

Our 2021 colt Maxwelton’s Sirius Star, named by Beth, a friend of mine, as he was born under the Sirius Star, was having some fun running up and down the hill and in and out of the trees. It was so nice it was such a lovely fall day. Our weather is staying comfortable although getting a bit nippy in the mornings.

November 6 2021

This week we worked more on flat work with the horses. Fall is here and hunting season has begun, which adds to the excitement. Deer and bears are on the move , that sometimes can give the odd adrenaline rush but all in all things went well. Jack was a star in the poles. Marley did some ponying with the yearling , who wasn’t all that impressed with big cousin telling him where he should and shouldn’t go. So I’ve updated the Horses for sale page with this weeks videos . Flat Work Friday …..

Marley in full work gear.
Maxwelton’s Travelling Jack Nov 5 2021 Pole Work


October 29 2021

It has been a good week, Maxwelton’s Robertson (Bob) was introduced to a round of fences, and quite enjoyed himself. He approached each fence without hesitation. We’ve posted a video on his page under Horses For Sale. We will vary his exercises over fences with a minimal amount of jumping as he is just 5 years old, and concentrate on flat work both in the ring and over hilly terrain. Stay tuned until next Friday.

October 26 2021,

We were lucky today as we didn’t have rain or wind. We were able to get some footage of our 2yr old long-lining among the colourful trees. Ben had a nice workout going over fences. He quite likes it. Enthusiastically approaches each jump. Ben had a flat work session and Marley ponied the yearling for an outing. It was a good day.

October 23 2021

Fall is in full swing, The horses are relaxing today after a week of schooling. Ben Bob and Marley all had good steady training in the cart this week. Lots of circles in the outdoor arena along with dragging the arena as they were schooled with a set of spring tooth harrows ( horse size). As well as drives through the trails.

It was a beautiful week to enjoy the colours.